High Powered 800 Lumens Scuba Diving Torch TP76 Now With High Quality 3400 mAh Batteries As Standard


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High Powered 800 Lumens Scuba Diving Torch

  • 800 Lumens
  • 1 T6 Bulb
  • Max depth 50 metres
  • Rechargeable
  • Single magnetic switch
  • Aluminium Alloy IPX8 material
  • Anti slip grip
  • Comes with a hard case box
  • Weight 235g
  • Size 200x44x30mm

Box contains

  • 1 x Torch
  • 2 x High quality rechargeable batteries
  • 1 x Battery charger
  • 1 x hard shell box

Do not confuse this torch with some of the cheap rubbish for sale, be wary when someone quotes 1000’s of Lumens as most torches do not have the reflectors or components to reach anywhere near that level! this torch can reach a genuine 800 lumens with a certificate of conformity from the manufacturer upon request.

The next problem is the quality of battery, cheap Chinese batteries can cost as little as 50p wholesale but cause all sorts of reliability issues, we have tried and tested samples of many different sorts of batteries and found that the genuine Fogstar, Samsung or panasonic batteries overall all performed superbly so we now supply these as standard in all our torches.

The standard charger is the one that comes supplied from the manufacturer, it will adequately charge the batteries but will lack the long term performance and reliability of an aftermarket charger.  You have the option to upgrade the charger to an X-Star, a basic but very reliable aftermarket charger or can upgrade further to the awsome Nitecore battery and/or Nitecore digital charger  with LCD read out, intelligent charging, charging level indicator and a host of other features this can charge many other different sorts of battery as well,  all the options are available at checkout.

Important Information

Before use make sure the batteries are charged for a minimum of 8 hours.

Ensure both the head and tail O-rings are in place and that both head and tail sections are screwed tightly up against their stops DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN EITHER WHILST IN THE WATER, WHEN IN THE WATER ONLY USE THE OPERATING SWITCH FOR ON/OFF OR CHANGING MODES

This torch has 2 O-rings on the head and on the tail and when fully screwed tight and locked into place makes it virtually impossible to flood. Some torches turn on and off by turning the head or tail to operate, this torch has a magnetic switch so you move the switch to operate on/off and any other functions, IF THE HEAD OR TAIL ARE ROTATED WHILST UNDER WATER IT WILL FLOOD.

Before issuing a refund for a flooded torch it will be pressure and waterproof tested with head and tail pieces correctly fitted if it is found to operate correctly and the internals remains dry it will be assumed that it was either not closed properly prior to entering the water or that it was loosened whilst in the water for whatever reason and no refund will be given.

If you find your torch has flooded it is advised you do your own waterproof test first before sending back.

1)      Allow the inside to completely dry

2)      Make sure the head and tail are correctly tightened against the stops

3)      Take on a dive do not exceed max depth

4)      When back on surface unscrew head and tail and check for damp or water ingress

Any torch found to be faulty for any reason other than human error will be repaired or replaced within 1 month from purchase by us and then 12 month from purchase by manufacturer.

The manufacture TopCom has a certificate of conformity on all their products sold by Cands Diving Supplies Ltd

Additional information

Additional information

Battery/Charger Options

Standard battery/Standard Charger, Standard Battery X-Star Charger, Standard Battery Nitecore Charger, Nitecore Batteries Standard Charger, Nitecore batteries X-Star Charger, Nitecore batteries Nitecore Charger

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