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Scuba Diving SMB/DSMB 120x18cm With 150ft/45M Yellow Ratchet Reel


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Scuba Diving SMB/DSMB 120x18cm With 150ft/30M Yellow Ratchet Reel


  • This SMB/DSMB is a top quality in vibrant red so can be seen at a distance
  • 3 ways to inflate using second stage regulator from the bottom,standard bcd LPI hose or orally inflate The attachment does not have a groove for the hose to lock on to so as soon as its inflated the inflator slides out and away the smb goes fully inflated
  • large 3ft 9″ in length x 6″ width (120cms x 15cms) Dump valve and inflation port with a lead weighted bottom
  •  Has an attachable D-clip which can fasten to your BCD /Wing or can simply store in your dry suit or BCD pocket
  • Lightweight and compact ideal for the travelling diver
  • Made from a tough poly-vynal so will not tear under normal conditions so should last a lifetime
  • Superb for wreck diving and deploying as an DMSB during ascent
  • In our opinion this is one of the easiest SMB’s we have tried
  • The valve allows the SMB to stay fully inflated at the surface with the bottom weights keeping it upright making it easy for you to be spotted in the water Unlike a lot of the cheaper versions out there that are open at the bottom thus deflate on the surface making you harder to spot in the water
  • Please note we have similar items listed but with smaller SMB’s

Scuba Diving Reel

  • 150FT/45M in length
  • Top Quality moulded base and reel
  • Ideal for wreck diving and to use with SMB/DSMB
  • Thumb operated ratchet
  • Can be used for Kayaking
  • Large winding handle rotates making it easyto use with or without gloves
  • Chrome plated opening means the line can pass through easily which reduces the risk of snagging
  • This is basically a smaller version of the large blue one we sell


  • 80mm Diameter
  • Handle 125mm
  • Overall length 140mm
  • 55mm depth
  •  Weighs approx. 320g
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